Pre-Lease Dilapidations Assessments (for Tenants)

Business Tenants looking to take a lease on commercial premises may be surprised to find that the repairing covenant within the lease obligates them to make good any pre-existing disrepair.  Clearly, if we are involved with providing pre-lease strategic advice, then this may be avoided. However, where the Tenant is taking an assignment of an existing lease, then this may be unavoidable.


We act in assisting prospective Tenants with understanding their potential dilapidations liabilties at lease commencement so that they are furnished with an understanding of the financial implications of signing the lease before the lease is signed.  Our Pre-Lease Dilapidations Assessments provide the prosepctive Tenant with a comprehensive overview of all existing lease defects and disrepair amounting to a breach of covenant, together with budget costs, so that the Tenant can budget for the inherited liability or renegotiate terms where this is permitted.

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