Independent Expert Determination (ADR)

Our Surveyors have unparalleled expertise in preparing and settling commercial dilapidation claims and writing statutory Awards.  Coupled with industry-specific arbitration and mediation skills we are suitably positioned to provide an Independent Expert Determination service.  This is where the parties agree to subscribe the resolution of the dispute to the determination of an Expert.  The Expert is independent of the parties and will have had no prior involvement with the dispute or the parties so as to avoid any possible conflict of interest arising.


The determination of the Expert will be binding, subject to a limited right of appeal. The commercial advantage of an Independent Expert Determination is that the dispute can be settled swiftly and cost effectively without subjecting the parties to the cost and stress of litigation or arbitral proceedings.  The appointed Expert should be highly experienced, suitably qualified and have experience in writing binding Awards with an understanding of the adversarial and inquisitorial processes adopted in litigation and ADR.  We are one of very few practices to be able to offer an Expert that fulfils this demanding criteria.

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