Negotiation of Claim Settlements

Following the service of a Schedule of Dilapidations and supporting claim (Quantified Demand) it is common for the parties to enter a phase of negotiation in order to seek a mutually acceptable settlement without recourse to legal proceedings or ADR.  The outcome of such negotiations will largely depend on the knowledge and skills of the Surveyor appointed by the parties. 


Our Surveyors have been involved in negotiating commercial dilapidation claim settlements for over 20 years and have dealt with all property and dispute types throughout the UK in this time.  Our subject-matter knowledge and considerable experience in this field enables us to negotiate the very best possible outcome, whether that means maximising the claim for our Landlord clients or minimising, and even mitigating, the claim for our Tenant clients.


Our ability to consistently and successfuly negotiate claim settlements without recourse to litigation or ADR is what our reputation is built on and is why we enjoy repeat referrals from other Chartered Surveyors, Solicitors, Chartered Accountants, Arbitrators and Mediators.

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