Negotiation of Lease Terms

In tandem with our service line providing Advice on Standard Lease Terms, we take appointments on behalf of Landlords and prospective Tenants in lease negotiations.  Our role in either context will be to ensure the terms ultimately drafted in to the lease are advantageous to our appointing party.


Acting for the Landlord, we will seek to ensure the strictest repairing obligations are imposed to protect the Landlord’s reversionary interests.


Acting for the Tenant, we will aim to reduce the burden of the repairing covenant and possibly introduce a Schedule of Condition in instances where the subject property is in poor demised condition.  This will mitigate the Tenant’s liability for any pre-existing disrepair highlighted in the Schedule of Condition and reduce the stringency of the general repairing obligation. Our objective will be to restrict the Tenant’s obligations to only disrepair arising during the lease term where directly attributable to the Tenant’s breaches of covenant.

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