Contract Administration

We can undertake a full Contract Administration service on behalf of both Landlords and Tenants.


Acting for the Landlord, our role as Contract Administrator will usually arise following expiry of the lease where the Tenant has failed to implement the works necessary to remedy the breaches of covenant as claimed in the Schedule of Dilapidations.  Our role will then be to specify, tender and monitor the works along with dealing with certificates for payment, certificates of completion and any necessary variations during the course of the works.  Our role as Contract Administrator on behalf of the Landlord will usually run parallel with settlement negotiations with the outgoing Tenant.  Our objective will then be to ensure the settlement recovered from the outgoing Tenant fully funds the works as implemented.


Acting for the Tenant, our role as Contract Administrator will usually start several months before the lease ends to ensure sufficient time is allowed to specify, tender and implement the works before the lease expiry date.  Therefore, an essential part of our role will be programme management, particularly where the Tenant is seeking to bring the lease to an end by way of operating a conditional break clause.  As part of our role we will liaise closely with the Landlord or their appointed Surveyor to ensure the works implemented properly satisfy the requirements of the lease.

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