Advice on Standard Lease Terms

We act for Landlords and Tenants in providing professional advice on the legal interpretation of standard lease terms.  Our advice can be invaluable to the contracting parties in pre-lease negotiations as well as understanding end of lease liabilities.


When acting for Tenants we can be instructed before the lease is signed to assist with pre-lease negotiations.  Our involvement may help the unwary Tenant avoid signing up to onerous repairing obligations that may otherwise have significant financial ramifications later in the term.  We can also advise on the interpretation of obligations already covenanted under an existing lease so that the Tenant can manage, and budget for, their end of lease liabilities.


When acting for Landlords we can be instructed to advise on the implications of any pre-lease covenant amendments presented by the Tenant.  We can also advise on the impact the wording of the existing lease clauses will have on any future dilapidations claim.

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