End of Lease Inspections

When a business lease ends both the Landlord and Tenant will wish to know whether any outstanding dilapidations liabilities remain.  Depending on the status of any outstanding covenant breaches, the lease will either be discharged or a Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations and Quantified Demand will be actioned.


We act for Tenants in undertaking a detailed inspection of the subject premises shortly prior to, or at the date of, lease expiry in order to record the outgoing condition and identify any outstanding breaches in order that the appropriate remedial works and associated costs may be reported for later referral.  We can also deal with handover to the Landlord in order to obtain a Form of Release where it is agreed there are no outstanding dilapidation liabilities.


We also act for Landlords in undertaking a detailed inspection at, or shortly after, the lease expiry date to record the outgoing condition as evidence to support any later claim for unresolved covenant breaches which may then, in turn, be the subject of a Schedule of Dilapidations and subsequent settlement negotiations.

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