End of Lease Dilapidations Assessments

As part of our comprehensive range of Dilapidations Assessments, we are most commonly appointed by tenants approaching the end of their lease term who wish to obtain a detailed understanding of their accrued covenant breaches, the necessary remedial works to reverse the breach and the likely costs for attending to the necessary remedial works.


This type of Dilapidations Assessment is particularly advantageous where the Landlord has not been forthcoming with any formal Schedule of Dilapidations and the tenant is keen to attend to the necessary remedial works well ahead of the lease expiry date.  This has even greater value where the tenant is seeking to bring the lease to an end by operating a conditional break clause.  From a financial budgeting viewpoint, our End of Lease Dilapidations Assessments provide a detailed cost assessment of the accrued dilapidations liabilities so that a provision can be made in the event a negotiated financial settlement is the preferred method od discharging the liabilities.

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