The Dilapidations Consultancy is unique.  Unlike any other surveying firm or property consultancy, we are a specialist practice dealing only with dilapidations claims in commercial property.  


As a single-disciplined niche practice, we have unparalleled expertise in this complex area of property law and our consultants are unrivalled in their experience and qualifications.  This has enabled us to build a varied and loyal client base throughout the UK and Channel Islands which continues to grow by referral leading us to become the 'go-to' dilapidations experts of choice.


It is well recognised that the occupation and vacation of commercial property can be a costly business for the ill-advised. Few businesses can afford to risk engaging generalist practitioners who are not experts in dilapidations law and procedure. This is irrespective of whether they are Landlords seeking to enforce obligations and/or recover damages, or as Tenants looking to reduce their end-of-lease liabilities.


We are committed to providing the highest level of tailored strategic advice, technical expertise and client care.  Our strict adherence to the associated procedural protocols, recent case law, regulatory compliance and our commitment to ongoing professional development means our clients are in the very safest of hands. 


We offer a wide range of services in the field of commercial dilapidations to assist both Landlord and Tenants as well as offering alternative dispute resolution services in Mediation and Arbitration to other practitioners and their clients.  Please refer to our 'Services' page for more information.


The Dilapidations Consultancy Limited is regulated by RICS and holds a current practice certificate.



Why appoint a Dilapidations Surveyor?


Dilapidations claims are often complex and can lead to costly litigation if not handled correctly.  Whether you are a Landlord seeking to pursue a dilapidations claim or a tenant looking to defend one, it is important to have the right professional representation.  The impact of appointing the best available Dilapidations Surveyor in respect of the claim outcome can be enormous.  From a Landlord's perspective, this can mean recovering the maximum amount of damages possible as opposed to recovering nothing.  From a Tenant's perspective, it can mean the difference between being released from all obligations under the lease without any cost liability, as opposed to paying a hefty damages settlement and legal costs that could have been avoided.


The Dilapidations Consultancy provides industry-leading expertise in all aspects of dilapidations claim preparation, management and settlement to ensure the best outcome possible, usually exceeding client expectations.


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